Elegant and modern with lots of rustic charm.

It was a warm August day, perfect for Lucy and Luke's wedding celebration. This wonderful venue offers the perfect setting for your wedding. The ceremony room is on one side, with the light and spacious bridal suit above. Across the courtyard there is a row of beautifully converted cottages where typically the groom and his friends can get ready. There's a lot of accommodation available on site for your wedding party, making it super easy for everyone. It was especially perfect for Lucy and Luke as they had their wee baby boy with them, at night he could be tucked up cosy with a rota of family members to babysit as the evening party took place.

As I arrived on site, family members were enjoying their morning coffee, there was a lovely calm and relaxed feel. I took a few sneaky snaps as I walked over to introduce myself.

I then took some details of the venue, spoke with lovely Rowena from Pixie Rose Flowers and had a chat with Victoria who was running the show for the day. I am much more interested in capturing emotion, connection and joy from a wedding day, however I do think it's important to have great record of all the wee details you have spent so long in planning.

Next I headed towards the dedicated bridal / groom suit, it is the perfect place to get ready with your closest people. The thing I love about this venue is how close everything is to each other, yet there is a lovely feel of space, it has been redeveloped beautifully with this in mind. Lucy had her sister and best friend by her side as she got ready. There was ample fresh fruit and pastries and not long after I arrived the fizz got popped. Everything was super relaxed with lots of laughter and fun chats.

Across the courtyard Luke and his closet pals were having a lovely morning, having breakfast, catching up, looking after the wee one and practicing their cords for the evenings performance. This wedding was super special as Luke's best friends are all incredibly talented musicians and they were the band ( more on that at the end )

The ceremony was wonderful, it was very important to them to have their wee one with them up at the front, it was so special. Luke and Lucy asked me not to post any photos with little ones in so there aren't too many photos I can share. They had some beautiful readings by close friends, personalised vows and drank from the Quaich. King James VI of Scotland presented a quaich to Anne of Denmark on the occasion of their marriage in 1589 and since then quaichs have often been used in wedding ceremonies. It is a symbol of trust as back in the day, ( I'm talking way back), you welcomed people into your home / castle with a Quaich, you both drank from the same cup to show it wasn't poisoned. It was a heartfelt humanist ceremony with lots laughter and tears of joy, their wonderful celebrant, Claire spoke beautifully.

After the ceremony, Lucy and Luke had a precious moment to themselves, their guests excitedly headed out into the courtyard. With my direction they formed a mildly ordered walk way with guests either side, all poised ready to throw confetti and cheer for the newly married couple. Then time to celebrate, hug, drink fizz and eat delicious canapés.

The great thing about this venue is everything is in the same space. After about 30 minutes we did some group photos in the courtyard. As always it super chilled and relaxed doing group photos. Prior to a wedding I send out an email to gather information of timings and at that stage I ask for a list of photos. The immediate family ones have wee ones in so i've just included their friends.

In between the courtyard and the sea there's a gorgeous loch. At the side of the Loch is a secluded log cabin with your own private hot tub, it's amazing! Victoria, (the events manager who kept the whole day running smoothly) rocked up in their off road vehicle to drive us down to the Loch for a wee breather from the party and some beautiful photos before they were called to dinner.

After their wee one was happily sleeping, I thought it would be fun to celebrate with a champagne spray photo ( obvs I would never waste a good bootle, it's cheap fizz...shhhh ) . These are great fun, they hype up the energy for the evenings shenanigans and get everyone ready to party! ( they managed to spray me as well but it didn't matter in the slightest and added massively to the hilarity )

It's party time, after some wonderful speeches and delicious food it was time for Luke's closest friends to play some awesome tunes. They hadn't played together for a while but you couldn't tell, they were absolutely amazing! The dance floor was full. I love this part of a wedding as I love to dance and will alway be found right in the action taking epic photos!

The wonderful thing about Broxmouth Courtyard for your wedding day is the privacy, it is so secluded and private. As the party continues into the night, the fires are light in the courtyard and people can enjoy looking up at the starlight sky as they get some fresh air, it truly is a wonderful venue!

A Big Thank you to the wonderful suppliers -

  1. Venue - Broxmouth Courtyard ( hopefully that's obvious by now - lol )
  2. Make up - Charlotte Gray Makeup Artist
  3. Hair - Eireann Roberts Bridal
  4. Dress - Suzanne Neville
  5. Shoes -Rainbow Bridal
  6. Celebrant - Claire Watt
  7. Flowers - Pixie Rose